Book Overview

While politicians and pundits never tire of debating universal healthcare, the reality today is the only people in America guaranteed to get all the healthcare they need at no cost are convicted criminals. Court decisions guarantee community-quality healthcare for incarcerated men and women regardless of ability to pay. What are the costs for taxpayers and the convicts facing lives outside their control?

In Doc Miller’s Prison Prognosis: An Insider’s Examination of Correctional Healthcare, Health Services Administrator and University Educator Mark Elliott Miller takes the reader inside prison and jail clinics across America to see healthcare behind bars. He shares touching and tragic stories to inspire every reader to look differently at healthcare in our country.

Mark Elliott Miller

Mark Elliott Miller has been a healthcare administrator, university educator and author for over three decades in multiple U.S. states. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Writing from the University of Houston-Downtown and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He also completed one year towards a Ph.D. in Applied Gerontology from the University of North Texas-Denton.